Newt Gingrich Actually had the Greatest Insight into the Nature of Mitt Romney

By Mark L. Taylor
Daily Call (5/2/12)

Newt Gingrich is expected to make the inevitable official today: he will never become president of the United States. Bowing to the reality of electoral mathematics the Republicans best known fake intellectual is ending his campaign today.

The Newtser is one of the most corrosive, self-destructive and narcissistic forces in American politics today, but you do have to appreciate one thing: his campaign video “When Mitt Romney Came to Town”. The 28-minute video strips bare the deadly reality of Mitt Romney’s brutal brand of exploitative vulture capitalism. Contrary to Romney’s PR, Mitt didn’t score his millions through honest work and building the economy. No, instead the Buccaneer of Bain scored his fortune through the systematic dismantling and looting of successful American companies - something Mitt brags about as “creative destruction”. Bain’s profits and Mitt’s unearned quarter billion came through the destruction of jobs, cutting away jobs and employee benefits.

Colluding with Wall Street banks Romney and Bain would pump up stocks of some corporations and then dump them just before the trusting investors discovered the corporations were empty shells. As Newt’s film notes, Romney and Bain made “piles of money” through such slippery schemes.

Romney’s road to riches cut a destructive path right through the heart of working America that makes Sherman’s March to the Sea look like a parade. His proposed path for the American economy follows the same sorry course.

Be sure to read the article below to see how unearned, undeserved wealth has a way of worming its way into families. The New York Times looks at Tagg Romney’s adroit use of family name and mom’s $10 million to build up an investment fund right at the time the American economy was heading into the dumper. Others lost, but - surprise, shock and can you believe it? - Tagg tagged millions in plump profits.

What a bright boy, eh? Hardly.

The whole sorry incestuous tale is yet another good argument for hefty inheritance taxes on the estates of the wealthy. Republicans and tea party windbags gas on about “death taxes” (which only apply to about 2% of estates), I prefer to think of  ’em as “justice taxes”; a long overdue chance for the parasitic likes of the Romneys to give back some small part of what they have gamed the system of for years and years at our expense.

If you haven’t seen the video the link is below.  Post Newt’s video to your Facebook page and send it out to friends. Newt has only done one positive thing in his political life and it would be a shame to not pass his one positive contribution on to all America.

Excellent 28-Minute Video:



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