8/23/2011 - Obummer at the Bat

Look at How the Tea Party Right Has Obama’s Number

Mark L. Taylor

Daily Call (8/23/11)

So here’s an instructive little video animation that provides a glimpse into how well the right wing has Obummer’s number. All that wasted time and effort put into fruitless outreach, and gestures of friendship, conciliation, collaboration and appeals to the greater good while making nicey-nice with congressional hardcore corporate hit men has succeeded in Obama painting himself to the opposition as weak, indecisive and full of hot air.

He squandered his mandate waiting for a GOP Godot.

They realize – and this is frightening to Americans who value fairness, decency and the future of this nation – that there is nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, to fear from Obama. What he has viewed as reasonable appeals to higher civic values is all nice and moral and all – if he was but dealing with a nice, moral (and loyal) - opposition that could for one moment put aside their partisan grab for authoritarian control. But he is not.

He has never faced that kind of opposition.

Obama has foolishly thought he was in a college debate the whole time he has been in a bar fight. He has never once understood the field he has been thrust on to and the enemy he has been facing; an enemy that always carries a spare straight-edged razor tucked in its boot.

Years ago, when I was doing my student teaching at Edgerton High School, I felt pretty confident during orientation. I was even a tad cocky, figuring I could handle a classroom of high school sophomores.

But all that self-assurance evaporated in the dwindling minutes before walking into my first classroom. My supervising teacher saw my pale-faced panic and pulled me aside.

“Listen, go in there hard,” he advised. “Don’t take any crap; be tough. Once they know you mean business you can always let up later. But if you go in soft and then try to get tough later on they will never believe you.”

I did as told and went in as a combination of Mr. Grouch and Attila the Hun with a hangover. Sweet kids. Best advice I ever received.

It’s a lesson Obama needed way back in January ’09. From Day One he let loose the wandering genie of vacillating weakness and, even if he had the will (an open question) it’s doubtful he can ever get it back in the bottle.

The dead-on rightwing assessment of Obummer in the following video proves the point. No wonder the right smells blood. That’s bad news for Obama but it’s even more troubling for the rest of us who believed in him and will now have to live with the results of his dithering indecision and weakness.

5-Minute ‘Must-See’ Video for Liberals: http://www.angelfire.com/ak2/intelligencerreport/obama_at_bat.html

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