6/11/11 - This may be the way work will be for your kids

This may be the way work will be for your kids

What Work Looks Like When

China Owns Your Country


By Mark L. Taylor

The Daily Call (6/11/11)


So what happens when a nation falls so deeply into debt, delusion and political deception that its sovereignty is traded away like an old blown bass guitar at a pawn shop?

What does it mean, and how are the lives of ordinary folks impacted, when a nation has to grovel for money – any amount of money – to pay off the debt run up by the wealthy?

Well, in a word it means “hell”.

A model of the future we may well be facing as American corporate fascists conspire with Chinese communist capitalists (I’m not making this stuff up) to funnel more of the world’s wealth to an evil cadre by driving down the power and pay of labor is now playing out in a portion of the international Greek port of Piraeus.

Faced with staggering debt and austerity demands from the European Union the Greek government signed away a 35-year lease with China, effectively abandoning a critical chunk of their sovereign national real estate – and many of their countrymen - to a not-so-benign foreign power.

Many Greek port workers now effectively work in China; the work world our children may well be dumped into as the Chinese Politburo and corporate fascists like Koch Industries and quisling co-conspirators like both national political parties have their way selling off America.

This NPR story lays it out for you.

One other thing to ponder as you listen to this story. Remember that the Supreme Court “Citizens United” decision granting personhood to corporations to make unlimited - largely secret - cash contributions to American political campaigns applies to foreign corporations as well.

That’s foreign, as in China.

Where the hell is the tea party on that? Probably riding through New England with Sarah Palin “ringn’” them bells and firing warning shots letting the British know that the Americans are coming to … oh, I don’t know … order Chinese carry out, except now it seems to be carry-in. It’s probably all Tweeted in a fortune cookie some place.

Who the hell knows anymore? Just check out the radio story … and teach your kids the truth about labor unions: http://www.npr.org/2011/06/08/137035251/in-greek-port-storm-brews-over-chinese-run-labor

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