Lessons in Failed Leadership From UC-Davis and Across the Nation

By Mark L. Taylor

Daily Call (11/27/11)


Every week brings yet another level of unwarranted official violence against nonviolent ‘Occupy’ protesters across the nation. The endless video stream of various police beatings, sucker punching, hair pulling, cursing, shootings, and hog tying underscores the corruption and emptiness of the current American state.

Certainly, not all police officers are thugs, though a disturbingly large number have gleefully taken the opportunity to play that role. No, not all police officers are thugs. But the government is.


They even have all our hard-earned tax money to purchase any God awful weapon they can dream up to punish us. But stop for a moment to ask why they need all that crap…


From UC-Davis Chancellor Kathy Katehi all the way up to the White House we need to get that those in charge have been unified in either their active ordering of state sanctioned violence against peaceful citizens exercising their First Amendment constitutional right to speak out or they have stood by silently. Make no mistake – silence in the face of evil is assent and the timid share fully in the moral responsibility.

Some of my friends will bristle at my lumping the White House in with this treasonous behavior – for that is what it is – but note it was the federal government under the leadership of Mr. Obama that coordinated the often violent crackdown on ‘Occupy’ encampments at 18 cities across the nation. The Obama led “Just-Us” Department advised the cities through the process (will they ever get around to indicting even one of the Wall Street pirates? The only ones they have gone after were when whistle-blowers made it impossible to ignore). All that military gear the police love to strut around in was paid for by both Republican and Democratic administrations.

No, folks, Barack is no ally on this issue.


Serve and protect who … or what?

With the perversion of the American law enforcement system, their pledge to “serve and protect” takes on a whole new meaning. Exactly who – or what – are they serving and protecting? It sure as hell isn’t the people or the Constitution and the reality of their fealty becomes glaringly evident with every night stick whack they deliver.

There are several blessings – I guess you would call them that – of all this official violence.

For one, it’s clear the government no longer makes even a pretense of being of, by or for the people. This government is working for someone other than the common citizen. This government has betrayed and is now actively oppressing the people.

Second, and this is really important to understand: boy are they scared. Weak and scared.

Sure, they have pepper spray and batons, they have a certain number of sociopathic police officials and a few goombah line officers willing to betray their oath to “serve and protect” citizens. They have plastic handcuffs, and armored cars and buzzing armed spy drones and informants and guns firing supposedly non-lethal ordinance. They have the media plump, pocketed and spewing out a tear gas of lies. They even have all our hard-earned tax money to purchase any God awful weapon they can dream up to punish us. But stop for a moment to ask why they need all that crap of empire: it’s because they are weak.

They have money and the power of a militarized police force and a narcissistic ego but they no longer have the people. Without that they are like Wily Coyote furiously churning his legs in mid-air, delaying for a delusional moment the inevitable long fall.


The one thing their money doesn’t buy them

While they obviously differ on the details, the tea party right and the middle and left Occupy movement, both see the emptiness of American leadership. For the first time ever, the approval rating for Congress has fallen to single digits – 9%. Obama is somewhere around 32%. About the same as our own Mr. Walker. Neither political party has put forward an inspiring candidate for the presidency. They are serving up a banquet of wet cardboard.

They have sold off our government: United States Inc. Despite their wealth they have no ideas that resonate with the human spirit. They can arrest people but they can’t arrest an idea. They can terrorize people but that doesn’t instill respect. They can lie but the truth has been set loose and all the pepper spray in the world can’t hide that. Look at what is happening in Cairo.

But, as the ongoing videos clearly show, the people in power will not quietly leave the scene of their many crimes. They will continue to fight and they will get more brutal as they get weaker and weaker.

The following video synopsis of the UC-Davis student response to the police riot and leadership treachery on their campus provides a powerful model for us all and a much-needed ray of hope we can really believe in.

7-Minute Video: http://www.brasschecktv.com/videos/solutions/back-to-school.html

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