“Call” Readers Write: “What a time to be an activist!” - Some Observations on the Recall & Potential Dem Candidates

I’m hearing that Obey doesn’t want to be attacked for his liberal record in congress (health care etc) and is saying he doesn’t want to run for guv.

I think we need the old war horse who says the truth and has no career to build. His public statements have been laser-straight to the point and too hot for Walker to handle. A debate between these two followed in a few weeks by an election would rock our collective progressive world.

My sources say that they are trying to get him to be the 2 year governor  (to complete the term) and have a Lt Guv who could win it after that.

Kathleen Falk is mentioned as that Lt candidate. My reaction that Falk would not go for Lt Guv was confirmed, at least at this time.

My sources say that Barrett is trying to decide whether to run again against Walker, and Falk would not run against him in a primary (remember the Lautenschlager/Falk mess?)

I  know Kathleen from my affordable housing work in Madison several years ago and have watched her deal with the right wing this last year. She is an excellent administrator, treats working people with respect, has progressive visons of what the future may offer, and is a hard worker in everything she does. I’d support her and would try to work with her in a new administration (as a sustainable rural development resource), but my sources say she doesn’t have enough statewide support to win the recall election for guv. I hope they are wrong because Barrett is really not appreciated in the rural regions.

At this time it appears Cullen will run for guv, so a primary is in the works regardless.

My thought is that Cullen is the best republican we could nominate to run against Scotty. He would provide an extra month of Scotty spending money before the main event by forcing a primary. The only more insulting development would be for Schultz to join Cullen in an “across the aisle” co-governing ticket of mediocrity disguised as adults putting the adolescents in their places.

 My sources also say that Walker will stall as much as possible with legal maneuvers and that this puts it all in the fall with the presidential election. They also say this would be a good thing because the national republicans are all going to eat each other and their young (I wish). I believe that the longer this plays out the more Scotty can play the innocent misunderstood victim of the powerful outside labor money,,,yah, blah, blah.

 My preference is that we wrap up the petitions now and submit for certification (two weeks ago would have been better). The unlimited money stops when the certification is done.

A spring recall election would be “more better.” Campaining on the issues; schools, health care, environment, respect for working people, tax fairness, and campaign finance reform would provide a stark contrast for voters.

 Clearly this process has a ways to go before anything is clear.

All I know is that we have an awesome Recall Revue being planned for Feb 11th and that Richland County will have a County Board with 8 or 9 new faces (out of 21).

What a time to be an activist!

Tom Crofton

Richland Center, WI 

(Editor’s Note: Tom Crofton ran for the Wisconsin State Assembly in 2008. He then formed the Rural Caucus of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, an official wing of the party that ”seeks to confront the top of the pyramid with the needs of the rural folks, like a people’s lobby.” He has stepped down from the chair to become the Action Committee Chair, “freeing myself up to travel the state spreading our local successes. Grassroots (folks like yourself) are the hope of the party, and more importantly the State.”)
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