With Walker, Out-of-state Billionaire Special Interests Get What They Pay For

The Capital Times (2/28/12)

Gov. Scott Walker is raising campaign money at a rate that is absolutely unprecedented in Wisconsin history. His recall election campaign will have more money than any gubernatorial campaign in American history.

But that’s not enough for him.

In an interview over the weekend with the D.C.-insider publication Politico, Walker rejected a suggestion that an outside spending cease-fire be called between him and the Democratic nominee in the recall election.

There’s no way to regulate outside money, Walker said.

It may be true that regulation of outside money is — at least in the short term — difficult. But the governor’s not even trying.

He could at least use the bully pulpit available to the governor to call for a fundraising and spending cease-fire. He could impose limits on his own campaign. And he could urge outside groups to stay out of the state.

But that’s not happening.

Walker is ready and willing to run a campaign paid for, primarily, by out-of-state special interests — some of which donate directly to his official campaign fund, others of which augment the official spending with so-called “independent” expenditures by super PACs.

If Walker wins his recall election, the billionaires and millionaires, Wall Street speculators and Texas oilmen who back him will get what they pay for, and Wisconsinites will be stuck with the bill.

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