Rick and Karin Santorum: Flip-floppers For Abortion Before They Were Against Abortion

By Mark L. Taylor
Daily Call (2/29/12)

If there’s one thing you can count on take to the bank as 100% genuine, real and to be trusted is that right wing, born-again Republican pope-in-chief and presidential contender Rick Santorum has always, forever, from the very beginning stood steadfastly, resolutely, courageous and with heartfelt conviction against the right any woman to have an abortion short of death, unlike that waffling Massachusetts liberal cross-dresser Mitt Romney, right?

Well, it turns out - not really.


As reported on the Young Turks, the Huffington Post did a little sleuthing through the archives of the Philadelphia Magazine and found a 1995 interview with Santorum in which he said: “[I] was basically pro-choice all my life until I ran for congress… But it had never been something I thought about.”

Say what?!

Well, it’s perfectly understandable when you understand the reason for Rick’s conversion to denying women control over their bodies; in his 1990 congressional race an anti-choice group campaigned for Santorum and, being the slick politician he is, knew a good thing when he saw it and, presto-change’o, super anti-choice crusading politician.

But, heck, even Rick’s prim-and-proper, long-suffering, home-schooling wife, Karen, it turns out, was involved in a long luvy-dovy live-in relationship with Tom Allan, an ob-gyn abortion crusading doc who also happened to have been the doc who delivered Karen when she was born. At the time of their hooking up she was 22 and he was 63.

Now, mind you, this was a 6-year cohabitation, not an impuslive alcohol tinged weekend in Vegas.

I know, I know, beyond creepy and way, way beyond weird but what can I tell you, folks - it’s the modern wholesome family values Republican Party that is so much more holy than the rest of us heathens. Trsut me, we simply don’t have the cosmic insight and pure white light to comprehend the logic and wonderfulness of it all.

Just for kicks, why not forward this news story to your lugubrious holier-than-anybody born-again cousin with the Santorum bumpersticker on the back of his minivan. If you have Facebook, post it there. Given Mr., Santorum is so full of helpful dictates on how we should live our lives this is a story worth pushing out there.

So here is a 4+-Minute Video on Rick’s political conversion of convienence: http://www.americanpoliticstv.com/videos/2012-election/santorums-sneaky-surprise.html


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