Maher Mocks Conservatives For Taking So Long To Finally Dump Palin

By Heather
Crooks & Liars (2/7/15)

Bill Maher used his New Rules segment this Friday to mock conservatives like Matt Lewis for finally dumping Palin following her incoherent babbling speech at Steve King’s wingnut fest in Iowa last month and for taking so long to figure out what’s been painfully obvious to almost everyone else for years:

“It was as if the scales fell from their eyes and they were finally able to admit, the emperor has no clues,” Maher said. They called her speech ‘incoherent,’ ‘a farce,’ ‘unseemly’ — words that might have stung Sarah if she knew what they meant.”

However, he insisted he was not gloating.

“We’re just here to say, didn’t that feel good to purge yourself of something that wasn’t sitting well in your gut?” he said. “It’s like when you’re sick and you make yourself throw up — you feel better afterwards. I just have one question: what took you so long? The rest of us have been watching this dog eat grass for seven years.”

Maher showed footage of Palin’s appearance at the Iowa Freedom Summit last month, before noting how her stock had fallen in conservative media circles.

“Bill O’Reilly compared her to a reality star,” he said. “Sean Hannity asked, ‘Did the teleprompter go down?’ The Washington Examiner questioned whether she should be included in future Republican events. And Bill Cosby said, ‘I wouldn’t drug her with your drink.’”

Maher wrapped things up with a list of other items that conservatives could finally start admitting the truth about if they want to feel better about themselves as well such as climate change, how realistic it is to deport every undocumented immigrant, invading countries that weren’t a threat to us and trickle-down economics. Don’t expect any of them to be taking his suggestions to heart any time soon.

Link to Story and 7-Minute Video


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