Ron Kind Betrays Working Families, Again — Voted Against A Bill That Would Create 8 Million Jobs

majority of House Democrats—96, a record high number—just voted for the People’s Budget by the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which put our policy priorities on the table by creating 8 million good jobs and protecting essential services we all rely on.

Unfortunately, your member of Congress was one of the 86 Democrats who voted “no.”

The People’s Budget was a stand-alone vote, so it’s not like members of Congress had to choose between voting for it and another budget that could pass the Republican Congress. While they may have had reasons, a “no” vote undermined the People’s Budget and its priorities. Incredibly, some of the “no” votes were from members of the Progressive Caucus.

Please send a message to your Democratic congressmember expressing your disapproval that they voted “no”—and ask for an explanation.

Keep fighting,
Paul Hogarth, Daily Kos

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