OMG! Mock Ted Cruz Ad Is As Real As Anything

Bad Lip Reading nails it again.

By James Joiner
The Daily Beast (3/2/16)

In case you haven’t noticed, this presidential election is a shit show, and it’s devolving into, well, whatever is worse than that. So when the folks at Bad Lip Reading dropped this gem of a faux Cruz campaign ad, it’s almost believable that the senator from Texas would smile and say, “I’d like to stick garden gnomes in this building,” or “if there’s one thing our country doesn’t need more of, it’s goose diarrhea!” Which is true, but still.

Now that Cruz and Rubio are foaming at the mouth and flinging their own poo at everyone in an attempt to out-Trump Trump, anything goes.

“I went down to the summer camp and took a can of gasoline” could just be some tweaked out GOP metaphor, you know? Watch for yourself up above, and prepare to laugh and then cry a little at just how much of a mockery it has all become.

Link to Story and 4-Minute Video

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