This Week’s Podcast To Ponder: Stormy Seas Ahead For Tiny Spaceship Earth

The straight truth without the conspiracy theories or positivity of the oblivious dreamers.

By Richie Hoban, Jr.
The Daily Call (3/25/15)

This week’s podcast spotlight is on the: Global Collapse Radio UK

Every now and then I need a gut check about planetary conditions I choose to ignore most of the time. For people who are not sticking their heads in the sand, things are not good on our planet. In many ways, conditions are getting worse and it can be tough to swallow. So most of the time I ignore these thoughts and facts to move on with the job of living.

One is brought up with a myth that every generation will do better than the previous one in America. This is turning out to be completely untrue these days. We see it around us with our government. If you missed the Bankruptcy Lawyer for Right-to-Work Bill AB 61 that became law (here’s the link: recently, you’ll laugh or cry at the bluntness of the fellow James Murray. He argues that the bill is good for the bankruptcy business and that all the states that lead in personal bankruptcy in the United States are Right to Work states. It was meant to be ironic and amazing at the same time. This is where we are these days in America. One more corporate controlled buy out of the middle class to force them to pay to live to people who don’t work. I always say Bankers are the best gangsters because they get law on their side.

Truth Hurts

So when Bill AB 61 passed in February 25th last month, I jumped down that dark bleak rabbit hole on the internet called Global Collapse Radio UK. Oh boy it not an easy listening network by any stretch at all. Basically it’s continuous truth about the environment, economics, war, famine, death and on and on. The Brits that run the website are not the kind of people who give breathers or breaks when it comes to the state of things on our tiny beautiful planet. It’s the straight truth without the conspiracy theories or positivity of the oblivious dreamers. Lots of content with some from YouTube like the Zeitgeist Movie collection, the movie “Collapse,” and other such content is heard. There are shows about each category of the collapsing environment, industrial decay, economic skullduggery, and, you know, lots of war stuff. It’s strange because I just turn it on at whatever time of the day it happens to be and whack! Truth hurts.

To be honest, I can only handle one or two shoes and then I have to turn it off for awhile. It’s good that the people at Global Collapse Radio UK are getting facts and point of view out that is missing in most stations of news on the mainstream global media networks. These corporate controlled networks can’t focus on the climate collapse, the war for resources, Western Europe’s economic collapse, or the massive amount of people who are starving in the world or the rise of more and more impoverished people. That would all be too depressing for their sponsors and ratings would suffer so these things are not looked at or focused on.

With a heavy heart, I recommend Global Collapse Radio UK because it’s always better to know the state of planet, its people, and its exploiters than stick your head in the sand.

  • Upside to the Podcast: The listener will get a whole lot of prevalent facts and truths they may have been forgotten, new or ignored. It’s all free.
  • Downside to the Podcast: It’s a tough listen and it can bum you out. Sometimes the website is down but there are other websites that carry the program.


This week’s podcast episode spotlight is from the number One Sports podcast on ITUNES “The fighter and The Kid.” Here’s the link:

Today’s podcast theme on honesty is branching off into one of the most difficult things for people to do and that is tell your friend or loved one the truth. The hosts of Fighter and The Kid are comedian Bryan Callen and current Heavy Weight UFC MMA fighter Brenden Schaub. Their guest on the show from December 9th, 2015 is the MMA commentator and submission grappler Joe Rogan from the Joe Rogan Experience. Joe Rogan, Bryan and Brenden are friends. The opening of the show starts with the recent disappointing MMA loss Brenden had the previous weekend.

The stunning thing about this episode is how honest Joe Rogan is with Brenden. The honesty about the heavy weights skills and abilities in the profession of MMA. This is as honest a podcast as it gets with one friend trying to talk sense into another friend about brain injury and permanent damage that can occur in a combat sport. I highly recommend it.

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