Do You Want To Hear Some Real Truth From A Politician? You Won’t Hear It from Obama, Jeb Bush, Rubio, Clinton And Certainly Not Scott Walker

What to do about Wall Street, opportunity disparity, lack of health care, child poverty and choking off of the middle class to benefit the Walton family?

There are precious few voices speaking truth to Americans. Neither the Republicans and precious few Democrats are speaking truth or willing to name what is wrong and what needs to be done in this crumbling nation.

You won’t hear truth from Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush or any of the other corporate dittoheads jostling for the donations of the Koch Brothers and the Sheldon Adelsons of the corporate state.

If you want to hear some real truth for a change about our oligarchy of the United States of Koch Brothers and bold ideas of how to bring true and honest reform to America give yourself a few minutes to check out this recent speech at the National Press Club…

Link to 60-Minute Video


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