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By Richie Hobin
The Daily Call (1/28/15)

This week’s podcast spotlight is on PRN “The Progressive Radio Network”  (http://prn.fm/)

When NPR took Talk of the Nation with Neal Conan off the air on June 27, 2013 I knew a sad day had come. With Talk of the Nation leaving the airways of FM radio, the end of progressive/liberal ideas framed in a national forum was cemented. With its new PR team in place, NPR decided to have a broader appeal to younger viewers, conservative viewers and new potential viewers. So it made the corporate decision to water down its stories and include more fluff mass-appealing-segments and shy away from the tough topics and ideas that come along with a liberal focus. NPR is more like MSNBC now and that is by no means a compliment. Ask, “Cenk Uygur” what corporate influences have done to the pseudo-progressivism of MSNBC.

Now we get these nauseating stories about Indie Rock bands at the end of Morning Edition or stories about the difficulties of finding the right cup of coffee before work or finding out if sardines can be tasty in some of the All Things Considered segments. The buttress of liberal honest reporting laid down by the early days of NPR, is gone thanks to the stations new corporate sponsors.

Spread of the corporate virus

Listeners have to contend with the tepid version of so called “honest” reporting now infected with the corporate virus that produces in its sickness mundane even bias reporting. For me the truth seeker, NPR has developed a new “slick” version of radio news and forgotten it’s old folksy sincerity. Where are the uninfluenced non-corporate liberal and progressive ideas to be found? Fortunately, if you still care about “real” liberal thoughts about the environment, corporate influence, and social justice we can turn on our computers and surf to the “Progressive Radio Network.”

The antidote

PRN Progressive Radio Network bills itself as “the thinking person’s network.” They are by their own admission a non-commercial and listener supported station, focused on creating premium content that is distributed for free. The hosts of this completely public funded speak about important topics such as health, news, politics, art, culture and issues that directly impact our everyday lives. Their voices and ideas are not always welcome by corporate media which makes it an important outlet for great minds and ideas to be let out to the public.

And what a wonderful array of progressive-radical-liberal voices to choose from. If you are focused on environmental issues there’s Derrick Jensen host of Resistance Radio Sundays at 6 pm (ET)/ 3 pm (PT). He is an American author and environmentalist (and critic of mainstream environmentalism.) Jensen has published several books questioning and critiquing modern civilization and its values, including The Culture of Make Believe and Endgame.

If your focus is on health issues there is one of my personal favorites Gary Null. The Gary Null Show is not a “chit-chat” show but, rather, an on-air health forum featuring knowledgeable guests and well-researched scientific information that is presented objectively and in layperson’s terms. The program’s combination of provocative interviews, controversial commentary, and listener call-ins motivate listeners to change their lives for the better.

There are many more hosts like one of my favorite “nuts and bolts” guy for environmental issues is Guy McPherson host of Nature Bats Last with Mike Sliwa every Tuesday at 8 pm Eastern Time. Mr. McPherson is professor emeritus at the University of Arizona. After 20 award-winning years of active service, he left in 2009 to establish an off-grid homestead in rural New Mexico. His scholarly work has produced a dozen books and hundreds of articles. You can learn more about McPherson and his work at his website, guymcpherson.com. Believe me when I say, I could go on and on about other hosts on the podcast.

PRN has something for everyone so explore the over 63 podcasts on the site and know that unfettered liberal ideas are dead in mainstream media but alive and well in the ocean of free internet.

UPSIDE TO THE SITE: As far as I have explored all the content (1,000’s of archive hours) is free. Donations are encouraged but not mandatory.

DOWNSIDE TO THE PODCAST: Letting your liberal ideas die. The chorus for social justice and belief in humanity still lives on at this website so stand up and let the simple courage of these hosts and the truths they talk about inspire you again.

This week’s Episode Segment is from London Real (It’s about the Journey) (http://www.londonreal.tv/episodes/steve-maxwell-ageless) Episode #160 with Steve Maxwell entitled “Ageless.”

I have been involved with health and fitness since I started studying Martial Arts back in the mid 1980’s. In the physical culture of sport and fitness there are modern pioneers and you can’t get anymore “Daniel Boon” like when it comes to the strength training and longevity than Steve Maxwell.

London Real calls Steve Maxwell, “the superhero of every man over 40. At 61 years of age he is in sick shape, trains the best athletes in the world, and learned Jiu-Jitsu from the Gracie Family BEFORE other Americans even heard of the now famous Brazilian Martial Art.”

Anytime, I need motivation to stay in shape and eat right, I give this hour or so podcast a listen too. Maxwell is inspiring, not as superman like character unaffected by the aging process, but as a life-long student of fitness and diet who brings his successes and failures to light for us. Maxwell shows others that having vitality in the sunset years of life can be accomplished by focusing on what one “can do” as opposed to what someone “can’t do” at certain stages in life.

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