You Must Take Action NOW To Stop Secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

“It’s a bad deal for Americans.”

By Robert Reich
Robert Reich’s Blog (5/2/15)

The heinous Trans Pacific Partnership [TPP] is now moving in Congress. It’s not really about trade – most tariffs are now low – but about making the world safer for global corporations. It allows big global corporations to sue countries for health, safety, environmental, and labor protections that reduce corporate profits. Its so-called labor and environmental protections are unenforceable. And rather than strengthen America’s hand against China (as its proponents claim), it only strengthens the hands of giant American-based corporations – whose loyalty is to their shareholders rather than to the United States. (These corporations will do whatever China wants if it helps their bottom lines.)

It’s a bad deal for Americans. Please call your senators and your representative and tell them you don’t want the Trans Pacific Partnership, and you don’t want “fast-track” that allows it to speed through Congress without debate or amendment.

Link to Story and 2+-Minute Video

  • Rep. Ron Kind: LaCrosse (608) 782-2558. Washington D.C.  (202) 225-5506
  • Sen. Tammy Baldwin: LaCrosse (608) 796-0045. Washington D.C. (202) 224-5653
  • Sen. Ron Johnson: Milwaukee  (414) 276-7282. Washington D.C. (202) 224-5323


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