It’s Not All The Republicans Fault: Trump’s Rise Is Also Indictment Of Corporate Democrats

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Americans have finally awoken to the reality that they have been had, fleeced, rolled, molested and deboned by both political parties. 

By Mark L. Taylor
The Daily Call (3/21/16)

There’s been a shit load of soul searching, second-guessing and late night cocktail fueled ranting among the Republican elite on how decades of crass appeals to dog whistle racism, fear mongering class warfare and bait-‘n-switch demagoguery on everything from gay rights to anti-choice subjugation of women has led to Trumpenstein ripping the potted palms out of the planters at the Republican National Committee headquarters.

Yep, all that cynical hocus-pocus designed to fatten the corpulent ranks of the Wall Street Republican elite has come around to bite them on the ass. Despite the very real threat to the future of the Republic and the last tattered scrap of America’s soul it’s hard for a lefty to not mutter a self-satisfied, “Enjoy karma, you bastards.”

But not so fast, hoss…

While the Republicans have brewed up their ugly little political meltdown the Democrats have contributed to the mess. Since the days of Bill Clinton’s cynical triangulating corporate friendly neoliberal economic policies that brought us “free” trade giveaways like NAFTA, the Democratic National Party has been an active enabler of republican corporate economic policy. Actually, they have more than enabled the betrayal of America’s battered and bloodied Middle Class — they have too often been active co-conspirators in sacrificing us all to Wall Street banksters, bunko artists, bubbleheads and sociopaths.

With the exception of a precious few true Democratic officeholders, like senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, the vast majority of Democratic pols have betrayed party principles and the voters who once made the Democratic Party an advocate for working America.

Truly galactic 

Now, like termites below the waterline, we have professional Dem pols like Hillary Clinton and our very own Rep. Ron Kind, a man ever ready with a smile and a hearty pat on the back and a totally bogus promise of what he will do for you back in Washington. Pols like Hillary and Mr. Kind stretch the definition of cynicism to truly galactic proportions.

Kind is a case study of all that is wrong in the corporate Dem universe.

From pushing the job exporting TPP to betrayal of Social Security, to protecting Big Pharma price gouging, Mr. Kind’s betrayal of progressive values runs deep.  Few waving to the plucky congress critter at the July 4th parade in Westby would guess Mr. Kind is the champion of predatory lenders gouging the poor while voting against jobs for the unemployed. Even when Mr. Kind rides in on a well buffed white horse straight out of central casting, as he did with the Tomah VA scandal, there’s a history of craven betrayal, here and here.

Hell, there is no corporate bridge too far for Mr. Kind to slither across. He is happy to sacrifice our very national sovereignty to international corporate rule and interests.

You can take a tour of Mr. Kind’s long record of deft bait-n-switch at the Daily Call archive here. Put on a biohazard suit before taking the journey. Just sayin’…

It would be nice if Mr. Kind was the exception but when it comes to a powerfully plump, Wall Street-fed congress critter with filing cabinets of goodies and favors other supposed Democratic defenders of working families quickly roll belly up.

At least the Republicans are honestly dishonest

You gotta’ respect the Republicans in that if you are even half-read and have a body temperature above tap water you know that 99 percent of what they say in defense of the 1% is total bilge and bull water. There is no doubt they doubt they are out to throw the poor and disabled to the curb. But when it comes to tin-plated fake Democrats — like Hillary and Wonder Boy Ron — you will find a well-honed ability to look you straight in the eye and lie with nary a shadow of hesitation nor shiver of guilt.

And when someone does stand up to challenge a sitting incumbent Wall Street representative the state and national Dem parties now lock out primary challengers from voter lists. We have seen this here in the Third Congressional District with progressive Myron Buchholz’s campaign. Literally, we now have the incumbent-protecting state and national democratic parties smothering democracy in the crib. (See “And You Thought The Republicans Were Corrupt…”, below.)

As the whirlwind of Bernie Sanders support and the national firestorm that is Trump’s campaign demonstrates, sleepy Americans have finally awoken to the reality that they have been had, fleeced, rolled, molested and deboned by both political parties.

It is rare to hear a Democratic candidate speak honestly and boldly about progressive ideas and values. Usually they play small, as we saw with Obama’s recent Supreme Court pick. It seems that the first — and overriding — question timid Democrats ask themselves before opening their mouths is: “Gee, will the Republicans let us do that?”

After vigorously proving over and over they will not stand for principle — let alone working families — the neoliberal corporate Democratic Party has convinced a huge number of disaffected voters that there really is no viable party opposing GOP looting and mendacity. In the vacuum of gutsy, principled leadership crass fascist tough talk spouting demagogues like Donald J. Trump are quick to move in on the vacant real estate.

Yep, Trump is a creature straight from the conjoined crotches of both Wall Street parties and the house is now on fire. Our last best chance to save the nation from Trumpocalypse is to get Bernie Sanders the nomination so there is a sane alternative to the duopoly establishment.

It is time to occupy the Democratic Party.

  • Learn More About Myron Buchholz’s Campaign to Truly Represent The Third Congressional District HERE.
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