Neil Young: The Monsanto Years

By Neil Young (4/24/15)

The Monsanto Years are here and we are living them. Monsanto is the poster-child for what is wrong with corporate controlled government in our world. Our upcoming record, “The Monsanto Years”, encompasses several associated subjects that millions of people world-wide are concerned about and active in.

No One Owns the Sacred Seed
GMOs & Toxic Farming*: dangers of GMO pesticides killing bees and other critical life forms by being bred into seeds, making food poisonous, how the main function of Monsanto and some other GMO products is to create plants that can endure more pesticides, the dangers of pesticides, how GMO & industrial agriculture squanders water, how unsustainable farming intensifies climate change, how GMO & pesticides are linked to Autism, Cancer & many more health problems, the crime of patenting genes & controlling the global seed supply, butterflies, birds, soil life, and more.

The Worldwide Solution to Climate Change 
Sustainable Agriculture*: How organic farming practices conserve water, especially compared to Corporate Agriculture, rebuilding topsoil, protecting heirloom seeds, farmers markets, ‘Carbon Farming’ for sequestering co2, ‘Green transportation’, solar & wind power, stopping Tar-Sands, Fracking & Mountain Top Removal, Ending the Age of Fossil Fuel.

Separation of Corporation and State
Corporate Justice*: The Trans Pacific Partnership, Citizens United, corporate accountability, Government subsidizing of Big Ag, Big oil & Big chemical companies, civil rights laws & living wages.

The Age of Extinction
Protect Life on Earth*: extreme extinction rates, protecting forest & ocean biodiversity, protecting national wilderness areas & indigenous sacred lands.

Corporate Media and the Disinformation Trends
News You Can Trust*: displaying magazines, journals & websites that provide reliable news about these issues, which FOX News and many national newspapers ignore or deny.

World-Wide Water shortages.
Water & Drought*: How Chemical and GMO based Agriculture used by multi national corporations is wasting and poisoning billions of gallons of Earth’s precious water, the crime of privatizing water, the western US drought crisis, bottled water scams, using better water conservation techniques.

Local Solutions
Going Local*: Urban farming, supporting regional family farms, supporting local businesses, protecting regional wilderness.

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