‘Call’ Readers Write — Sen. Warren, If You Run, I’ll Help!

Many of us bought into “Hope”, but that is an empty sack when actions don’t follow, or actions repeat ongoing travesties of morals and ethics.

Elizabeth, please run

You speak to the very core of the issues affecting us.

Democratic elections need to be about issues, not personalities and you lay out the issues better than anyone.

You also have a great personality and speak to hard issues in blue collar terms (we’re getting gypped).

I first saw you on the DVD “Sicko”, on an extra track that explained like no one else why the health care system is criminal and unethical.

Your statements are based on hard research of facts, not Orwellian babble, and your credibility has never been challenged by those you expose.

The Democratic Party is a shadow of itself at the State and National levels. Candidates that have no plan to change that are no better than those from the other side, the two parties are the same when they represent the same vested interests. Describing the truth in common terms and offering ways to repair the damage to the fabric of our society is the only hope, and when you straddle the academic and the real worlds to explain our choices, you do so in a way that is refreshing and empowering.

This country has for many decades had a conservative and a liberal party. The names have changed and the shades of gray within them have been lost. The move towards the right has happened intentionally by those who seek to consolidate and control the wealth and freedom of our country. Liberals following them in the name of keeping a piece of the action are trading away our values for their position in a corrupt system that they enable.
Throwing away the “liberal” party will not lead to a more democratic and prosperous land. Yet we live in a system that cannot recognize third parties as anything but distractions of good intentions and bad results. Our only choice is to retake our party and make it what it needs to be

Many of us bought into “Hope”, but that is an empty sack when actions don’t follow, or actions repeat ongoing travesties of morals and ethics.

I don’t ask that you become the point person for a tilt at windmills, a thrust towards a bridge too far, a loser in a good fight. You deserve far better than having a cult of personality surround you or to become a martyr.

I am committing to help organize my area to support you in your efforts to speak truth to power, and to stand with you in the hard work ahead. Creating a sustainable world of peace and prosperity, that uses rational thought and democratic principles to solve problems is the American Dream I can support.

Please run.

Tom Crofton

Richland Center, WI

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