Bernie’s Moral Clarity: Here’s A Campaign Ad You Won’t See From The Republicans Or Hillary Clinton


By Mark L. Taylor
The Daily Call (3/7/16)

This is a beautifully done campaign video. I was struck by how utterly different from what we normally see from the establishment Democratic and republican candidates, who churn out mindless cynical media about as anchored to reality as rainbow-winged unicorns and leprechauns.

While the Republicans pull out tape measures to compare dick size and Hillary pastes together temporary faux progressive talking points written in disappearing ink, Bernie is talking about real people, real situations and challenges families struggle with every day. Take a few minutes to watch this video. Compare it to what you are seeing from the other candidates and contemplate a higher form of political campaign. Then do whatever you can to support Bernie’s campaign and the ideas that campaign represents.

Link to 5-Minute Video

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