Daily Call 5th Anniversary Edition!


By Mark L. Taylor
The Daily Call (3/1/16)

Today marks the 5th Anniversary of the The Daily Call. Originally, the Daily Call took form in the early winter days of discontent in Madison when up hundreds of thousands stood up to the cold and snow and the Koch Brothers’ statewide manager Gov. Scott Walker’s attacks on public unions and Wisconsin’s long heritage of clean, open government.

Initially I was sending out a daily email to a couple dozen friends. The goal was to get the news out about what was happening in Madison to folks in Vernon and La Crosse counties. After about six months Alan Buss volunteered to set up a website and shortly after that Dennis Brault began forwarding stories and writing original pieces for the daily update. The result is five years of friendship and mutual effort in providing a strong statewide progressive voice and a website that is read by people around the globe. Many others have helped and supported the effort.

In those early days of 2011 we focused primarily on the black hat forces of the Republican right. We still do that, of course, but we have also taken up the challenge of the nationwide effort to wrest control of the state and national Democratic party from the same corporate hacks dominating the Republican party. Truly, as we have learned from the bank bailouts, coddling of banksters and corporate fraudsters, the traitorous TPP corporate goody bag, the national security state and the decimation of America’s blue collar workforce, the difference between the two parties is not as great as one would hope … or it should be. We have worked to make the Daily Call a clear, consistent voice in protecting and unflinchingly promoting America’s progressive movement.

Almost three years ago we began posting original editorial cartoons and illustrations that are open source and free to use by progressive groups, websites and publications. There are several examples in today’s edition. You can access the growing inventory of art HERE.

This past year Richie Hoban been a weekly podcast column. You can access his past columns HERE.

If you haven’t already, give us a “like” on Facebook or bounce us along on other social media you use. The more we get the news out about progressive values the better chance we have of getting America back to living up to its promise.

To all those who regularly forward articles, send the Daily Call along to friends and allies, write in with encouragement and suggestions and letters to post we send out a deep bow of gratitude and an invitation to continue with us on the battle to regain America. As the rise of Trump has proven, the threat to democracy is as real as ever … and much closer to home than we would like to admit.

In solidarity,

Mark L. Taylor, Editor
The Daily Call
Genoa, WIsconsin

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