Bill Maher Slams Congress For Being Out Of Touch On ‘Real Time’

By Lily Karlin
The Huffington Post (4/18/15)

Congress is supposed to represent all Americans, but Bill Maher isn’t convinced.

On “Real Time with Bill Maher” Friday night, the host put the House of Representatives’ recent vote to repeal the federal estate tax in the context of the fast-food workers’ strike for $15-an-hour wages to suggest American legislators are not focusing their efforts on the right issues.

“Congress felt the minimum wage workers’ pain and this week they passed a bold new plan to completely eliminate the inheritance tax on the super rich,” he said. “How does this happen in a democracy?”

“People working for $8 an hour,” he continued, “and the other people who are supposed to represent everyone, the same people who never shut up about the deficit, just voted a $20 billion hole in the budget to go to 5,000 club kids with a trust fund.”

Elsewhere in the monologue, Maher comments on Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, the Catholic Church and American law enforcement.

Link to Story and 7-Minute Video


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