Sen. Baldwin Urges You To Support Justice Ann Walsh Bradley

It’s March Madness. In addition to rooting for the Wisconsin Badgers, I’m doing all I can to keep Justice Ann Walsh Bradley on the Court — the Wisconsin Supreme Court, that is.

Justice Bradley is up for reelection on Tuesday, April 7th. And just like in college hoops, her campaign faces a critically important two weeks in March.

So this weekend, I’m joining bipartisan leaders across Wisconsin in a March Madness effort to make sure we re-elect Justice Bradley. Will you join me by making a contribution to her campaign today?

Justice Bradley has served with distinction on our state’s highest court for 20 years. She is smart, hardworking, and has enormous integrity. She’s committed to keeping partisan politics out of our courts, so that the people of Wisconsin have confidence that whoever comes before the court gets a fair shake.

Unfortunately, Justice Bradley’s opponent has gone negative. We know that special interest groups — groups who don’t have to say where they get their money — have dumped millions to attack sitting Justices. And if the past is any indication, they will do so again.

Justice Bradley won’t back down. She has earned bipartisan support from law enforcement, political leaders, and judges across Wisconsin. Her campaign has been building a grassroots network that can mobilize voters on April 7th.

Now the ball is in OUR court. Help Justice Bradley meet her $10,000 March Madness goal. Contribute $5, or whatever you can, to Justice Bradley today.

I’m supporting Justice Bradley on April 7th. I hope you will, too.

Thanks for all you do.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin



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