Col. Wilkerson: If Americans Want Ground Forces To Fight ISIS, Let’s Have A Military Draft

Come On Chicken Hawks, Grab Yer Gun!

By Karoli
Crooks & Liars (3/7/15)

It’s truly appalling to see how this nation swings over the span of 6 years from being war-weary to having a bloodlust for more of it. I’m sure Roger Ailes is patting himself on the back for his contribution to the war effort.

A recent Fox “News” poll showed that 65 percent supported military action to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, despite overwhelming evidence that using force would actually accelerate the process and further destabilize the region.

Worse yet, a recent Quinnipiac poll showed that 62 percent of voters support sending ground troops back to Iraq, which angered Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson.

Want war? Okay, let’s do a draft

Wilkerson responded to the poll by saying, “If 62 percent of voters want to use ground forces against ISIS in Syria or Iraq or wherever, then I suggest we have a draft and we draft those 62 percent to lead the way.”

You watch how fast those poll numbers would drop when their kids’ numbers came up. Suddenly some perspective might set in, and people might consider what it means if there’s unrest on the other side of the world. They might do a risk analysis, if informally, and decide maybe it’s not all that urgent to send ground troops in.

I never thought I would say this, but I agree with him. Reinstating the draft may be the only way we can possibly begin to understand that these calls for wars aren’t just theoretical. They’re real, and it’s all of our futures at risk.

How about it, America? You ready to reinstate the draft to marshall those ground troops for Iraq? You ready to sacrifice YOUR son or daughter to fight a war in countries that should be dealing with this themselves?

President Obama’s strategy of pressuring neighboring countries to do the work of dealing with problems in their own areas is the right one. If the Saudis are so worried, let them take care of business. It’s their damn neighborhood, after all.

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