If You Love the Daily Call How About Giving Us A “Like” On Facebook!

Hey, Daily Call Readers:

The Daily Call has a Facebook page that gets updated regularly. In the past month we have gained almost 100 Facebook “Likes”. The more “Likes” we have the greater promotion we can give to our Facebook page, The Daily Call website and — most importantly — the alternative news, commentary and political cartoons that rarely make it into the lamestream media. (Okay, yeah, I swiped that from Sarah Palin. Hey, even a busted clock is right twice a day!)

The more “Likes” we have the more we can promote and push news and alternative cartoons out onto the web to new readers and activists. It’s time for the people to create their own media and a Facebook “Like” will help The Daily Call be a part of that effort. With the “Likes” we’ve gained in the past month we are now able to promote stories to over 1,200 additional readers. With more “Likes” we can reach even more folks.

So please, give us a Facebook like.

Thank you for your support,

Mark Taylor, Editor

In Solidarity

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