Up In Smoke: Election Lays Out American Loss Of Confidence & Mental Balance

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“Indeed, it is hard to look at the presidential race without recognizing that the ruling class of the United States is losing both its confidence and mental balance. Although still the hegemonic power, the United States now rules over a declining empire - one characterized by open racism, naked imperialism, permanent war, state terrorism, economic stagnation, widening inequality, accelerating climate change, declining education and public discourse, and collapsing health systems. Even the stabilizing and legitimating functions of its electoral exercises are increasingly less and less effective. All of this means that the formation of a truly revolutionary response to today’s crisis of capitalism is needed more than ever - for the sake of the “wretched of the earth” and future generations.”

- Brett Clark, Monthly Review: “An Independent Socialist Magazine” - October 2016 (p.64).

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