Finding American Resilience

By Tom Ashbrook
On Point Radio (2/14/16)

On the campaign trail, it’s doom and gloom. James Fallows just travelled the country, and found lots of hope. And good reason for it. He’s with us.

If you listen to all the dark, despairing voices on the 2016 campaign trail, you might want to drown yourself in a bucket. America’s a “hell hole,” says Donald Trump – and there are many echoes and versions of that on the trail. There are reasons for the anger. But there are also, says my guest today, Atlantic writer James Fallows, great reasons for hope. He’s just traveled 50,000 miles criss-crossing the country, and he’s here to say “cheer up!” This hour On Point, sources of American strength, in a political season of doom and gloom.


Link to Story and 45-Minute Audio

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