Are You Brave Enough? This Revolutionary Spirit Is Greater Than A Single Candidate — It Has Everything To Do With Us

Professor Michelle Alexander. (photo:

Professor Michelle Alexander. (photo:

“It is this revolutionary spirit — a revolutionary love for all people and for life itself — that will ultimately determine our collective fate. The work of defining and building this revolution will remain exactly the same no matter who is elected president. This is not to say the election doesn’t matter. It matters a great deal. But whether or not a bold and beautiful revolution is born has nothing to do with Bernie, Hillary, Trump or any other candidate. It has everything to do with us — whether we, as a people, decide that we will no longer play politics as usual and will dare to imagine that we can make America what it must become. The odds are against us, for sure, but we are destined to lose in the long run if we never muster the courage to stand up for what we truly believe and build a multi-racial, multi-ethnic nonviolent army of artists, activists, teachers, health care workers, formerly incarcerated people, currently incarcerated people, parents, students, elderly people, academics, hourly workers, health care workers, and everyone of conscience who is willing to bring an end to the politics of punitiveness and division, and birth a new America.”

— Michelle Alexander, “If a Political Revolution Is Born, It Will Have Little to Do With Bernie or Hillary, but Everything to Do With Us”

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