About The Paris Attacks: “Hey, I’m Just Saying…”

A friend of mine used to say: “If you believe in coincidence, you’re not paying attention.”

By Mark L. Taylor
The Daily Call (11/17/15)

So let’s just get one thing clear at the outset: the ISIS thugs are depraved criminals. Their cultish obsession on death is beyond psychopathic; they are evil. Nothing excuses the recent Friday the 13th attacks on innocent Parisians or any of the other murderous atrocities they revel in.

But here is what I find interesting about the Paris attacks:

We now all know of the all-enveloping net of intrusive security dominating once democratic nations since 9/11. The Bill of Rights is in tatters and the intrusive surveillance state has been snapping up virtually everything about all of us for years now. The harvest of personal information extends far, far beyond mere metadata details of who you call and when. They have been gathering the content of our communications for years now. They snoop through our calls, email, social media, text messages, Tweets, financial records, medical records, school records, you name it.

And this isn’t just happening in America, land of the once free and home of the scairdy cats. All the western nations are doing the same damn thing and sharing much of that info. The communication between national security forces is very robust.

Paris? Really? Now?

So here we have Paris, about to host the long-awaited multi-national United Nations Conference on Climate Change, scheduled for November 30-December 11. World leaders and thousands of government and industry officials will converge on the fabled City of Lights a mere 13 days after last Friday’s attacks. Certainly you just know all those western intel agencies have been monitoring and tracking everyone who has even had a terrorist themed wet dream. And yet, a well armed, tightly choreographed multi-site coordinated attack was carried out in the very city this international event is scheduled for in less than two weeks.

We have Turkey reporting they had twice warned French intelligence agencies about 29 year-old Ismaël Omar Mostefaï, one of Friday’s terrorists who gunned down dozens of innocents at the Bataclan concert hall. And this wasn’t some mild, incidental association from years ago. Mostefaï had direct links to four other terrorists in 2014. The most recent notice was given to the French in June of this year.

Given the upcoming international gathering in Paris and the scope of surveillance, you’d think this sociopath would have been high on some active watch list. Turkey never did hear back from the French … until after the Friday attacks.

Last Thursday Iraqi intelligence warned western nations of an impending attack. But it wasn’t a general warning, they specifically cited France as the target. Given the heightened security leading up to the climate event, you’d think that might have elicited some action that would have turned up something on the 19 shooters and 5 support accomplices that were getting ready to go crazy.

24 people involved, and probably more.

Given the specific warning, were there extra police on the streets? Sure didn’t seem like it.

Ground Hog Day all over again … and again

Over and over, like some macabre remake of the movie Ground Hog Day, we see the same damn thing happen: soon after a major terrorist attack we begin hearing of warnings ignored. Get a small gaggle of anarchists organizing for protesting a national political convention and you have bus loads of SWAT teams taking down whole neighborhoods. But want to organize a massive terror attack in a major city under surveillance in preparation for a multi-national conference: no problem!

Just last week we learned of the multiple, very specific warnings CIA analysts tried to get the Bush Jr. administration to pay attention to over a period of months leading up to the 9/11 attacks. The president was very specifically told “They’re coming here.” The response? A big yawn, a million dead, tens of millions turned into refugees, ISIS, the Middle East in flames, a cool trillion burned up and the decimation of our rights.

But, hey, at least the neocons and their pals in the war industry made out.

Hell, if we are expected to cheerfully have our personal rights and liberties torched in the name of a Big Brother surveillance state the very least we should be able to expect is that they know something beyond what you emailed your mom on her birthday last month.

One other tidbit of interest…

Oil is the lifeblood of the ISIS terror campaign. American jet bombers have been flying sorties over Syria for months. One of the earliest targets were oil fields, which were supposedly disabled. Despite this, ISIS has been successfully transporting $40 million worth of oil out of Syria every month. They were doing it with tanker trucks. We learned Monday that American AC-130 aerial gunships (the same weapon that recently destroyed the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan) toasted a caravan of 116 ISIS tanker trucks.

Hmmm, hadn’t long convoys of oil tanker trucks been spotted before? I mean, really, just what the hell are the drones and surveillance satellites and, heck, American pilots on their way to bomb an ISIS bus station some place seeing on the ground? Are you telling me that Monday was the first day they had spotted this crucial link in ISIS’s murderous economy?


Who, one might ask (one should ask), was benefiting from all that crude getting out onto the international markets? Why was the funding hose left intact for these terrorists we are constantly told are coming to get us as we sleep?

A friend of mine used to say: “If you believe in coincidence, you’re not paying attention.”

So, is it more than mere coincidence? Is the pattern of incompetence more than bad luck?

Who stands to gain having terror intimidate and cow a once free people?

I don’t know, I’m just saying, if you believe the official story, no offense, you are probably a sap and a fool.

Wake up. Speak up. Act up … while you still can.

The noose tightens.





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