Dept. Of Much Needed Humor -Jimmy Fallon Gives Terrific Advice To Hillary Clinton — Donald Trump-Style

By Dominique Mosbergen

The Huffington Post (9/17/15)

“Hello?” Hillary Clinton said, putting an ear to the phone.

“Congratulations, you’re speaking to Donald Trump,” said the person on the other line.

While we’d love to eavesdrop on a real phone conversation between the former secretary of state and the GOP frontrunner, we’ll have to settle for this exchange between Clinton and Jimmy Fallon’s best impression of the business magnate.

“You wanna win, here’s what you gotta do,” Fallon-as-Trump told the 2016 Democratic candidate during her appearance on “The Tonight Show” on Wednesday. “First: Yell. I yell all the time … Next: Pick 3 things everyone loves, and say you hate them. Watch — puppies, stupid. Rainbows? Total losers. Fall foliage? Tree puberty.”

During the skit, Clinton discussed her position on immigration and women’s rights. She also snuck in a jibe about Trump’s famous hairdo, comparing it to “a soft serve at Dairy Queen.”

Watch the whole exchange below.

Link to Story and 4+-Minute Video

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