Stop Deadly Corporate Sacrifice Zones From Destroying Everything


By Lee Camp (8/25/15)

In his new book, Erik Loomis explains how corporations create “sacrifice zones” in which they often decimate the land and people. They do this in areas with poor minority populations because those are the people least likely to have the power to fight against it. We see this across the US but also around the world. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other rigged corporate trade treaties will make every community into a potential sacrifice zone, unless we stop them.

Here’s how to protect your community: Step one is to keep the TPP from becoming law. Step two is to scream from the hills about the wrongdoing of major corporations

To learn more, comedian Lee Camp breaks down both how this works and how to fight back against it on his show, Redacted Tonight. Take a look -

Link to Story and 28-Minute Video

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