Here’s How To Protect & Expand Social Security Benefits: “Scrap the cap!”

Share the Stolen Wealth?

(Daily Call cartoon by Mark L. Taylor, 2015. Open source and free to use with link to )

Tax the rich bastards!

By Mark L. Taylor

The Daily Call (8/26/15)

It’s time for freeloading millionaires and billionaires to finally pony up their fair share of taxes to not only preserve but to  expand Social Security. Instead of calling for cuts in benefits, quisling politicians like Rep. Ron Kind and his pals in the New Democrat Coalition need to raise the cap on the level of income subject to Social Security withholding from the current $118,500 to the full 100 percent of income.

Just like it does for us working folks.

Really, why should 100% of your income be subject to withholding and those making millions — even billions — only pay withholding on the first $118,500 of income? I mean, come on, really? Where is the justice in the wealthy and super wealthy once again skating by not paying their fair share and putting real skin in the game of creating a more secure, just society?

Instead of calling for cutbacks or the Wall Street privatization of Social Security, Rep. Kind and his cohorts in the New Democrat Coalitiona and the Wall Street-funded Third Way group, of which he is an honorary co-chair, Rep. Kind should be joining forces with Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen Bernie Sanders in calling for expanding benefits by lifting the cap on Social Security withholding.

We elect Ron but he answers to Wall Street hustlers, rustlers and pimps. That needs to change.

Any problems facing Social Security are the result of the wealthy once again not paying their full and fair share and the protection they are given by their elected cronies in Congress.

Link To Great 3-Minute Video, HERE.

  • For More Examples Of How Rep. Ron Kind Consistently Ignores and Betrays the Interests and Needs of Working Families in the Third Congressional District Check Out The Daily Call Archive, HERE.
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