If Your Congress Critter Isn’t Saying What Elizabeth Warren Is Saying Here That Critter Needs To Be Retired Out of Congress

“What matters?”

By Mark L., Taylor
The Daily call (6/1/15)

Take 2 minutes and 22 seconds to listen to Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s response to a question at a recent tech conference. Take the time to take the message in then ask yourself:

“Does my congress critter — or state representative — say what she is saying?”

If not, that politician needs to be retired. I know my Dem congress critter, Rep. Ron Kind, couldn’t even verbalize the words Warren is speaking in any kind of meaningful sense. While he is elected by the hard working people in the Third  Congressional District his heart — and vote — belongs to Wall Street and the corporate lobbyists who ooze up and down the “hollowed-out” halls of congress.

But the Third Congressional District isn’t the only district betrayed by these supposed representatives of the people. Truth be told, with big money ruling the corporate duopoly we call a political system, pretty much all those perched in congress are doing the work of corporate America: the big banks; big oil; big finance; big polluters; and big weapons manufacturers. They are beholden to the private school vultures and the corporate medical industrial complex. They turn their backs on the needs of the people and bow to the darkness of big money.

So go ahead, treat yourself to 2 minutes and 22 seconds of what a real representative of the people has to say, then compare that to the actions — not the pretty hollow campaign drivel — or your locally elected corporate shill. Then, next time you get a chance either vote against them, or if the other candidate is just as bad leave that part of the ballot blank. Re-election with a steadily dwindling percentage of the eligible vote makes it clearer and clearer that these congressional posers have no real legitimacy. With every sickening election cycle it becomes clearer and clearer that congress has less and less legitimacy; they have become a sick joke, like a circus of well trained Chihuahuas.

History has long shown power without legitimacy eventually collapses on itself.

Link to 2-Minute, 22-Second Video

  • For a wake-up tour of who Ron Kind works for link to the ever growing (and free) Daily Call archive of Ron Kind betrayals. You can link HERE.
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