Great Cartoon On Republican House Whip Steve Scalise

“Like Mussolini without the baggage.”

By Mark Fiore
The Daily Kos (1/16/15)

Last week I was working on this cartoon relating to extremist Christian ideology when along came the terrible events caused by extremist Muslim ideology. Go figure. Needless to say, the Charlie Hebdo massacre gave Congressman Steve Scalise a reprieve from his very own white supremacist scandal.

The Steve Scalise story broke when a political blogger from Louisiana pointed out that the House Majority Whip spoke to an openly white supremacist group back in 2002. While Scalise apologized, his excuses just don’t add up. I don’t think someone who spoke to a group of David Duke white supremacists should be given one of the top slots in the Republican leadership. (As a political cartoonist, however, I should encourage that sort of thing.)

Sure, things were different then. Louisiana politics were of a different time and all that. But 2002 really wasn’t that long ago— particularly when you factor in Scalise’s vote in 2004 to block the Martin Luther King holiday (one of only 6 votes against to 90 votes in favor in the Louisiana House). Is this really the best the Republicans can do for a top leadership position? Enjoy the cartoon, send it along to your friends, enemies and old racist uncle!

Link to Story and 1+-Minute Video

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