Step Out Of The Same Old News: Podcasts to Ponder: Pearls In The Internet Ocean

By Richie Hobin
The Daily Call (1/14/15)

(This week’s podcast spotlight is on Red Ice Radio from Sweden)

When diving in the ocean of the internet, a particular lecturer or favorite person can lead one into different realms of understanding just by trying to find more content or information about them. For example, I am a huge fan of Randal Carlson. Randal Carlson is a master builder, architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar. I fell in love with this guy from The Joe Rogan experience (podcast-episode #501 if you are interested) but I wanted more than this episode had to offer. In my search for more of Randal’s ideas I found one of the most interesting and radical podcast on the web called Red Ice Radio.

Red Ice Creations is an independent radio program and news website headquartered on the west coast of Sweden, in the heart of Scandinavia. Red Ice Radio is hosted by Henrik Palmgren. His team features interviews and programs on a wide variety of topics. The program is thought provoking and questions the established governments in the 21st century.

Red Ice Radio discusses history, geopolitics, subversive movements, human nature, conspiracies, hidden agendas and sinister political ideologies of all governments. This podcast gives a different perspective on Marxism and political correctness topics which opened my consciousness to ideas that were alien to me like the PR machine put on by governments and corporations and neuro-linguistic programming.

In Europe, there is a huge back lash against homogenization of modern western industrialized culture and forgetting or destroying of the ancestral culture and ethnic groups that have for thousands of years shaped European and Scandinavian cultures. Red Ice Radio gives a voice to this discontent. All the guests conservative and liberal (not in the American sense mind you) all of the guests are thought provoking and fact based and I found this so refreshing when listening.

They also cover health issues, out of control government, the application of technology and pseudo-science on society, psychological conditioning, propaganda and manipulation by governments and PR firms. They are not just a political station. I also love Red Ice Radio because they bring extreme archeology and ideas about science and consciousness to the fore. All ideas are welcomed and scrutinized on this podcast. There is a guest for every angle from European politics and NATO influence in the world, to author of the Paleo Diet and its effects on human biological systems. If I’m in the mood for something that I didn’t know before I take a deep breath and dive into a challenging conversation from Red Ice Radio because it rarely disappoints.



DOWNSIDE TO THE PODCAST: IF YOU GET HOOKED INTO A GREAT COVERSATION “Part Two” of conversation cannot be downloaded without paying for the service but if you wait long enough it will appear on Youtube.

This week’s podcast episode spotlight is on Traumatic Brain Injury comes from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast episode #574


The new science on TBI’s (traumatic brain injury) in professional sports, leisure activities and the military has been a spotlight in the news recently. From head collisions in football and IED’s from the wars in the Middle East, it seems everyone is becoming aware of the dangers of rattling or cracking the dome which houses a human’s most important organ, the brain. A new and radical view of TBI comes from DR. Mark Gordon who is the Medical Director of Education at Access Medical Laboratory and is recognized as a top leader worldwide in Interventional Endocrinology (Anti-Aging Medicine).

Financing half the study himself, Dr. Gordon got 40 volunteers with mild to severe brain injuries and did something radical. He saw the problem with PTSD, pain, depression, and injury brought on by war as a physiological disorder not a psychological one. So he took a simple blood test from each participant in the study, measured their hormone levels, and brought them all back to base line normal. The results were startling in the positive. Along with Jason Hall the screenwriter for the new movie “American Sniper” staring Bradley Cooper, and is directed by Clint Eastwood comments on the situations which veterans face upon returning home from war. Matthew Gosney a former Navy Seal and current patient of Dr. Gordon’s telling his story of TBI coupled with PTSD this is an informative episode to say the least.

If you are suffering from TBI or if you know anyone who is, this could be a very helpful podcast. The first hour the team stays on track with the topic but you won’t be let down if you commit to the full 2 and half-hours.



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