Let’s Get The Language Right: Republican Labor Proposal Is “Right To Mooch”

My fellow Progressives,

We need to stop using the term “Right to Work.”  As George Lakoff points out, when we begin a debate using a conservative phrase, that just reinforces the conservative frame and we loose the argument before we have even started, no matter how many facts we come with. So even using the phrase “Right-to-Work For Less” just reinforces the conservative frame.

It doesn’t matter that the legislation doesn’t actually give anyone the right to Work. Everyone already has that right. It’s used because who doesn’t support a person’s right to work? No one. So we need to stop saying it.

Instead let’s call this proposed legislation ”Right-to Mooch.” This accurately describes the bills intent which is to allow moochers to not pay to join a union, yet still get the benefits of union membership, like collective bargaining, hours worked and vacations a union by law must negotiate for them. “Right-to Mooch” frames the debate on our terms. After all who likes a moocher? No one.

Today we learned that the State Senate is going to act on the “Right to Mooch” legislation ASAP.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) told conservative talk radio host Charlie Sykes of WTMJ-AM (620) that ” We have to deal with this issue right now.”

Our opportunity to stop “Right to Mooch” will be limited so our efforts must be swift and united.

Please Sign United Wisconsin’s petition now to let your representatives know that Right to Mooch legislation is Wrong for Wisconsin. A call to your state representatives wouldn’t hurt either.

In Solidarity,

Dennis Brault

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