Ad Shows Wisconsin Voters The Real Glenn Grothman In All His Nutso Glory

By Laura Clawson
The Daily Kos (10/21/14)

A new ad from Wisconsin Democrat Mark Harris calls voters’ attention to a few of the crazy-extreme highlights of Republican Glenn Grothman’s political career:

Even Republicans say Glenn Grothman is too bizarre to be our congressman. Grothman claims that preschool causes psychological damage on children. Grothman said single parents are committing child abuse, and Grothman opposed laws requiring women get equal pay for equal work, saying that “money is more important for men.””I’m Mark Harris. I’ve cut government spending and cut debt. I approve this message, because that’s what I’ll do in Washington.”

And as astounding as those Grothman statements are, they’re just scratching the surface. This is a man who has said “Quite frankly, it’s scandalous that lawyers are leading people to believe that the lead paint in these houses is responsible for the increases in the (lead) levels in their blood.” Scandalous!

Please chip in $3 to help Mark Harris get the word out about how awful Glenn Grothman is.

Link to Story and 30-Second Video

  • Glenn Grothman Won’t Get Endorsement Of GOP Lawmaker He’s Running To Replace —  Rep. Tom Petri (R-Wis.) said Tuesday that he will not be endorsing Glenn Grothman, the outspoken conservative his party has chosen to replace him in Congress. “Why would I endorse a person who has said that if in two years people said he was ‘just like Petri’ he would be insulted?” Petri told the Fond Du Lac Reporter on Tuesday. “I don’t want to smother him with love or anything like that.” Petri and Grothman, while in the same party, are hardly birds of a feather … Read the Rest
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