Cut Social Security & Medicare? Hell No, Tell Obama & Congress to Crack Down on $32 Trillion in Hidden Offshore Tax Havens

The Daily Kos (4/15/13)

With the 2013 tax deadline looming, new documents have leaked showing that there is an estimated $32 trillion dollars hiding away in offshore tax havens. Yes, $32 trillion.

While millions of Americans are working hard to file their taxes, and while Head Start programs and cancer treatment centers are being shut down because of the sequester, this is just another example of how the wealthy are becoming egregiously rich at the expense of everyone else.

Please, sign our petition urging Congress and President Obama to take action to crack down on offshore tax havens.

To the 113th Congress and President Obama:

It’s time to reform our tax code to close loopholes that have allowed corporations and the wealthy to hide trillions of dollars in offshore tax havens.

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